Lenalendem Museum and Tourism Association.

Lenale Ndem arts depicting trades of dynasty population.






NSTechnoMed undertakes a number of community social responsibility initiatives, within its framework vision of Community Empowerment. These initiatives are grouped under the Fine Forest Foundation- the company's charitable foundation trust, established in 1998. In so doing, we are minded by our belief, that central to ensuring human health and wellbeing must be an ethos to approach health from the perspectives of the wider determinants of health (Dahlgren & Whitehead 1991).  Thus, the goal of quality health & wellbeing must be approached from the attitude that addressing bio-medical determinants must be complemented by due attention to non-medical elements, such as poverty, including employment, education and social inclusion.


Moreover, in keeping with our trademark ethos of quality assurance, we seek to endow community empowerment initiatives with elements of sustainability. The LEMUTA Museum project of HRH Fonjinju will therefore seek for partnership that aims to sustainably address a key aspect of world heritage. We would hope that as you browse through the pages of the project you would be inspired to come and join us support a unique effort to eternalise a very rich royal legacy in the Bamileke highlands of western Cameroon.


Mission Statement LEMUTA is a non-political, non-religious, non-tribal and development oriented association.




To collect, Preserve and Exhibit objects of value to:


v     Art.

v     History.

v     Science.

v     Research and

v     Education.


Other Activities also include:


v     Provide a development forum for the community.

v     Encourage innovation and participatory community development.

v     Promote active involvement of under-privileged groups such as the disable, women and young people.

v     Intensify the sharing of information within the community.

v     Provide and Promote basic educational and health facilities for the above mentioned objectives in the community.

Bangwa Throne and Symbols of Royal Dynasty.Bangwa_throne

Lenale Ndem inner reception hall - HRM Fonjinju

Lenale Ndem Palace's oldest art dating over 140 years.

Lenale Ndem ancient venerated throne

Lenale Ndem history presented through this art.

War-time masks of warriors.

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